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Langlang Chinese-Chinese Kindergarten-Workbook 1


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Basic information:Yes! Chinese Courses for Young Students (CCYS ) is a series of Chinese learning system designed for K to 6 graders or 5 to 12 years old students.  It is the combine efforts by dozens of Chinese language experts, experienced teachers from private Chinese schools, and teachers of public schools of various kinds.  CCYS closely follow the newly published YCT standard by Chinese Language Council International in 2009.

CCYS includes two major parts: in-classroom study and interactive online lessons.  It uses step-by-step approach, emphasizes on easy coaching for teaching professionals, and on building the learning motivations of students.  Its online lessons mirror the in-classroom teaching through Disney quality interactive cartoon clips.  In addition, Yes! Chinese offers a content rich Chinese learning platform, www.yes.com.cn, which frequently update to bring a live Chinese environment for students of all ages free of charge. 

We thank you for purchase Yes! Chinese Courses for Young Students.  Please enjoy the best Chinese learning experiences.
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