Chinese for Children
posted at  2011-06-07 00:10  Harber

Why to make your kids learn Chinese? What are the proper materials for your kids to learn Chinese? How to help your kids learn Chinese?

Benefit to children from learning Chinese

In addition to developing a lifelong ability to communicate with more people, children may derive other benefits from early language instruction, including improved overall school performance and superior problem-solving skills. Knowing a second language ultimately provides a competitive advantage in the work force by opening up additional job opportunities.

Advantage to learn Chinese during childhood

Studies have shown -- and experience has supported -- that children who learn a language before the onset of adolescence are much more likely to have native-like pronunciation. It is much easier for kids to learn a Chinese than adults.

Kids learn Chinese by imitating much of what they see and hear. It is obvious that no one fails to speak his own mother tongue, while many do fail to learn a new language when grown up. Some reasons can explain it. As kids learn new language without pressure, they learn it and enjoy the process. They won’t regard the learning as a tough task; they won’t tell themselves they are learning but simply have another way to express. It is natural to them. So if you want your children learn Chinese well, you can let them learn PINYIN and some easy Chinese characters. It can let them make a sense of Chinese language.