Schools in US and Canada do have the option of purchasing materials by issuing a properly authorized purchase order, and pay the invoice after receiving the materials by sending us a business check.
Recommendation Code could be one of the following:
1. The Discount Code from Associate Teacher (AT)
2. The POTS Membership Code
3. The Invitation Code from registered user
The Recom.Code used during initial sign-up can not be changed after the registration.
Anyone who uses the Discount Code when registering may enjoy additional discounts on their purchases.
Yes! Chinese uses PayPal as service agent to process all credit card payments via secured protocols. Yes! Chinese does not obtain, have access to or store user credit card information. PayPal is a major online payment service provider on the internet. There are over 153 million PayPal users worldwide. We are confident that you may expect a high level of security from Yes! Chinese, and PayPal.
System automatically tracks and logs user learning progress. This process will guide user to the next lesson after sign in. However, user can adjust current study course or level anytime by going to Account -> Edit -> Adjust Study Level.
There is no need to sign-up multiple registrations to adjust learning levels.
A new Invitation Code (IC) is automatically assigned to each registration, and the user becomes the owner of the new IC.
The IC may be used to invite friends to Yes! Chinese. “My Invitations” shows your own IC, and lists all registrations and purchases made by users who registered by using the IC.
IC owner will accumulate points for any purchases by “My Invitations”. Such points can be redeemed for cash or purchase credit.