Chinese For Kids - Understanding the Significance
posted at  2012-03-13 01:40  Al V
If you are planning to teach your child the Chinese language and you are not a native Chinese speaker, understanding the aspects of Chinese for kids can make it easier for both of you. For most people in the United Kingdom, teaching their kids the Chinese language is like investing for their future. China has become a noticeable competitor in the global economy. Hence, being prepared for them is a great investment.

Preparing your child for the next generation’s competition requires a smart understanding of what lies ahead and the tools to be used. We will never know but there is a great possibility that China will extend its reach to various parts of the globe sooner or later. Hence, teaching your child Chinese language can give him an edge for global competition.

What is the best way to learn Chinese for kids at home?

For non-native speakers, Chinese language may appear like a complicated language. By simply looking at how it’s written and spoken, one may lose the interest of adding it to his vocabulary. From a child’s perspective, this will not be the case. It is a child’s nature to like just anything fed to him by his parents. Nevertheless, with so many things to acquire, it may still push your child away. So this is the first step in learning Chinese for kids at home. Create that interest.

When I was beginning to teach my child the Chinese language, I remember using flash cards with colorful drawings that are attractive enough to make my kid forget we are teaching her Chinese. The flash card contains some Chinese words with their pronunciation and colorful designs of fruits, animals and toys. With this simple method, I’m proud to say that at home, The Chinese language was learned in a fun way.

So what are the benefits?

Apart from the economic reasons, there are other significant benefits in learning Chinese for kids at home. Here are some of them:

a. If you are living in a Chinese community, the obvious reason of learning the language would be the social aspect. Learning your neighbors’ language will help you connect with them much easier. Take note - they did their best to learn your language too.

b. If you love learning, the Chinese language is a great source of new information; not only the language itself but also Chinese culture and traditions. Learning Chinese can be considered as a great investment.

c. If you are smart, learning a different language such as Chinese, when shared to your child can open different doors of opportunities. We will never know how far Chinese economy can reach in the next decades.

It is an elementary concept that if you want to succeed in life, you will need to learn as many things as you can. Preparing your child for tomorrow’s competition requires great planning and valuable tools. Learning Chinese for kids today can make your child competitive for tomorrow’s battlefield.