Quick Start
1. On the main page, Click Course.
2. Access from the Course menu.
(1) Select a course from the Course menu.
(2) Review course description and click Take a Trial Course.
1. On the main page, click Sign Up.
2. Type correct information, then click Sign Up to submit.
Reference Code:You can enjoy discount prices if
(1) you entered a reference code during registration;
(2) you entered a promotional code given to local teachers;
(3) you entered a PTOS member ID;
(4) you entered an invitation code, in this case, reward points are given to the host party.
Leave it blank if none of the above applies.
"Student" and "Teacher"
Choices of teacher vs. student is dependent on the user's needs. If you choose to be the "Student",you will have access to course materials and related functionality. If you choose to be the "Teacher", in addition to the study materials, the system also provides you with teaching aids including personalized teaching plans, interactive teaching platforms, and teaching centers.
Your Community
We provide fast and excellent face-to-face services to local teachers, so please correctly fill out your community information.
3、You have successfully registered with Yes! Chinese!
Log on
1. Launch Yes! Chinese in a web browser, click Log on.
2. Enter your ID and password.
Forgotten Password?
Click Forgotten Password, then type your user name and the email address you used to register with Yes! Chinese. A new password will be sent to your inbox automatically.
Continue a Course
1. Log on;
2. On the main page, Click Continue > Continue a Course, the system will automatically jump to the page where you left off.
Select a Course
1. Log on;
2. On the main page, click Course to select the course you wish to study.
3. System will automatically jump to the course page from your last login.
4. On the Progress page, check the Course List on the left, click on the selected section to start.
Illustrative Manual for Online Courses
Teaching Aid and Personalized Teaching Plan
1. Teaching Center
On the "Course" page, click Teaching Center located on the top right corner.
2. Supplementary Materials
Based on the objective of each lesson, supplementary materials are designed to broaden the scope of study. The materials are selected by the teacher based on their teaching plan. Click on individual title to get started.
3. Making a Personalized Teaching Plan
Click Interactive Teaching > Upload to add animation, text, and teaching plan of the teacher's choice.
1. Click <Shop
2. Select a phase of study and the course series it belongs to.
3. Select a product type
4. To add an item in shopping cart, click Add to Cart. Item list is displayed in My Cart.
To review shopping cart, click Review Cart.
5. Review shopping cart. Verify product type, quantity, and price,then click Purchase Now.
6. Verify Order.