Learn Chinese Easy - Yes You Really Can
posted at  2012-03-08 00:36  Dianne M. Buxton
Many think it is not easy to learn Chinese. The nuances in the vowel sounds alone are enough to intimidate anyone. But if you think that you learned the many subtleties of tone in the language you speak... just from hearing it many many times, then yes, you realize that you really can learn Chinese. Chinese Mandarin is the first language you should learn, for Chinese in business. Is this not exciting? The older you are, the more you appreciate the fact of getting through the "Bamboo Curtain", to interact and prosper with these fellow humans.

That does not mean you are a hundred years old if you know of which I speak. It has not been that long that China has freely interacted with the west. Many countries have had a cultural exchange with China, while business was a closed door. Now China seeks business relationships with all countries of the world, and now this involves - YOU!

While the "Bamboo Curtain" has been lifted for many years, the open policy of Chinese trade is relatively new. Not that we have not been buying everything ’Made In China’ for a long time. But private companies in China can now do business with the rest of the world.

So now your company wants to send you to China, or puts you in charge of negotiations. You are the deal maker?

You really can learn Mandarin. You have some kind of mp3 player - you can take advantage of all those ’down times’ in your schedule and study an audio course.

You can learn some Chinese characters for that next trip to Shanghai or Beijing or Pudong. Or some of the thousands of amazing places in China.

The Orientals are not so easy to impress. After all, the English introduced them to opium.... a slight smear on international relations. Well, let’s forget that and move on and maybe they will too.

I cannot guarantee you will impress the Chinese - yet from knowing a few I suspect that you will experience their underlying open-hearted-ness. But I can invite you to visit us and make it easier to learn Chinese easy.