I Did Something Wrong
posted at  2011-06-08 20:12  Snow

The day before yesterday, I did a bad thing. YunXi brought her beloved stamp album in to let her classmates see it. Her stamp album contains her collected stamps from places all around the world, such as Europe, China, Malaysia, etc. Especially for Chinese stamps, I like it very much . Because there are so many topics which are about idioms, poems, histories,  traditional festivals in Chinese stamps. The other students looked through it, going on and on about it. I envied YunXi, because she had stamps from all over the world, and me? My stamp album only has a few stamps from local letters my dad got. When class let out, I took advantage of the situation and took the stamp album from YunXi’s book bag. After a while, I walked back and lined up in the assembly hall, pretending nothing had happened. When we’d gotten back to the classroom, YunXi opened her book bag and didn’t see her stamp album, and she burst into tears. Teacher Lin asked her what happened, YunXi told the teacher the reason.

Teacher Lin questioned all the students, asking who had taken Lu YunXi’s stamp album. The teacher inquired for a long time, but no one was willing to admit to it. I felt ashamed, got the stamp album, and admitted my error to YunXi. The teacher saw that I was brave enough to admit my mistake and so didn’t punish me, just lectured me for a bit, and YunXi accepted my apology. I regretted what I’d done. I told myself that next time I would carefully consider the results of my actions so as to avoid a big mistake!