Top 5 Recommended Books for Chinese Beginners
posted at  2011-06-21 01:25  Dan
For Chinese beginners, a good text book can be as important as a good teacher. From a good text book about Chinese learning, the Chinese beginners can not only learn Chinese in a more exact way, but also learn Chinese in a more effective way. The following 5 books are very popular among Chinese beginners.
Beginner’s Chinese
Designed for Chinese beginners, this book includes all the basic words of Chinese language and various simple patterns of sentence. All the basic knowledge of Chinese are described clearly in pinyin. By using this book, the learners can improve their ability of spoken Chinese quickly.
Ultimate Chinese: Basic-Intermediate Mandarin
The main purpose of this book is to help the learners to learn Chinese through grammar and culture. It contains 40 lessons, in each lesson the reader will find a lively and authentic dialogue that includes the most common and useful expressions for daily conversation.
Chinese in 10 Minutes a Day
From the title of this book, you may have guessed that it will be a book which can be helpful for you practice of spoken Chinese. Based on such purpose, this book will help learners to learn to speak Chinese in a short time. All the sentences and dialogues in it are simple, but they will be useful for your life in China.
Reading and Writing Chinese: A Guide to the Chinese Writing System
Containing about 4500 characters, this book can be the best choice for Chinese beginners who want to learn Chinese characters. With exact pronunciation, lively definition and derivation, it will make the process of characters learning more interesting and easier.
What Character is that: An Easy-Access Dictionary
It is a good reference book for beginners. It contains about 5,000 characters, with which the beginners can use in their daily communication. It also offers exact pronunciation and definition of each word. It is also convenient for learners to bring it with themselves.