Rich Culture Of The Chinese Language
posted at  2011-07-29 01:48  Eithan Dickerman
 Are you interested in learning the Chinese language? Now, who wouldn’t be? As you may already know, it is used by one-fifth of the world’s population. Consequently, you will be able to interact in almost any country you’ll visit as this is understood by many.

Thus, its beneficial for you to know more about the Chinese language. Also, recognizing some of the benefits that you can get in studying this language can be helpful for you. So, read more and find out about this well- known language.

Knowing about the Language

The Chinese language is considered as the oldest written language. For what is known as modern Chinese today well, was dated back from nine hundred years. It evolved from what was known as archaic as well as middle Chinese during the eleventh century. From the several writings discovered during this time in China, it was found out that archaic Chinese differentiated consonant sounds through heavy breathing.

And the sound of it was believed to have been rich though not tonal. As the language continued to evolve, sounds started to disappear. This made it simpler and more words became homonyms. In turn, compound words were more prevalent than the monosyllabic words of the Chinese language.

The Official Chinese Language

Mandarin is the official language in China. It is also known as "Hanyu" or "Putonghua" which belongs to Sino- Tibetan. Mandarin Chinese is structured and founded on the Beijing dialect as well as other dialects used in the northern areas of China.

The People’s Republic of China set this as an official language in trying to unite the people and have a common dialect. And because a number of individuals living in China are versed in the dialect, it is commonly utilized to interact with other people. China’s attempt to have a standard language is stronger now as they become a global player.

Benefits in Learning Chinese

The first benefit that you can obtain from knowing the language is that you can also learn about its rich culture. Language and culture are linked together. Hence, as you learn the language you’re able to know how a word is derived of the culture behind it.

Another is that it can give you a more competitive advantage. Whether at school or in your work, knowing this language can be helpful as it’s commonly used. Also, because China is more accessible to visitors, you’ll be able to make the most of your travel.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get out of studying the language. Indeed, it is rich in history. And as it is known worldwide, it provides an avenue for people to interact and understand one another. So, continue to search and learn this language to be able to reap the benefits.