Rhyme Chinese
“Rhyme Chinese” is designed with the brain memory development concept. It is a special summer program for young students from Chinese speaking background to quickly build up 960 Chinese characters through strong rhythm practices.
Course Features:
Courses are organized in 30 units
Rhyme is easy to catch and easy to remember
Extensive supplementary materials could strengthen the understanding and the application of the words
The course set includes texts books and supplementary online interactive course. There are 30 units, 32 words in each unit, and 8 words per lesson. Each lesson has supplementary reading and children rhyme. In addition, there are word games in each lesson and an unit exercise at the end of each unit in order to learn and remember through fun practice.
4 characters per sentence, two sentences per lesson of the same them
4 reading per unit, easy to understand and remember
Word Flashcard:
Teachers and students have their separate word flashcard. Online print available and easy to use